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NWN model - WIP by proroklebioda
NWN model - WIP
And now for something completely different. Remember a little game called Neverwinter Nights?
Break by proroklebioda
This is a pic I abandoned long ago after having only drawn the gal, but I decided to come back to it. Hope you like it, criticism welcome.
Walk sequence (WIP)
I'm experimenting with animation again. This time I've decided to try a different approach and instead of painting each frame separately, I've actually painted each body part separately, and then I just rearranged them for each frame (with the exception of the clothing and the torso which is divided into two separate parts and also gets one additional position which I switched to for several frames).

From my experience, walking is one of the hardest things to animate, so this still needs tweaking and obviously the head is still inanimate, not to mention that it would be nice if the calf and other muscles flexed while walking etc.

Any constructive criticism welcome! (I don't care if she's too muscley for you, though).

EDIT: Update 1
Now with bobbing and swaying!
Fall of the Wyvern King
Even though she lost her sword and parts of her armour, witchcraft proved to be no match for the sheer physical strength of the champion of light.

This piece has been heavily inspired by the art of Boris Valejjo.

It's taken quite some time to get this done, lots of experimenting with various tools, e.g. the terrain has come to exist almost totally by accident. Some reference material was used for leg muscles and faces, armour design and the "magical" sky.

I ran into problems with shading stuff made of different materials (flesh, cloth, leather, metal) because they didn't look as if they were lit with the same intensity. I've only reached results acceptable to me through long trial and error.

Constructive criticism welcome.
Recently I've made a bit of progress after a break from animating her. But mostly I've revised a lot of sprites, with very satisfying effects.

Current status:

stand - 100%
walk - 30%
run - 0%
jump - 100%
crouch - 90%
Standing punches - 100%
crouching punches - 33%
Jumping punches - 0%
Standing kicks - 60%
crouching kicks - 60%
jumping kicks - 100%
throws, lifts, holds - 75%
Blocks - 100%
entrance/end states - 60%
being hit - 5%

The other two characters are on hold. One at a time is more than enough.

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